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6th Force
Support Squadron
MacDill AFB, FL

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Honor Guard & Mortuary Affairs
1904 Golf Course Ave, Ste. 1
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-1604
(813) 828-5191
Mon - Fri  •  7 am - 4:30 pm
Sat & Sun  •  Closed
Honor Guard
The Honor Guard is a very elite team and source of pride to the Armed Services. The purpose of the Honor Guard is to provide military funeral honors to all active duty, retired and veteran members. This is a very sensitive mission and requires the most distinctive and dedicated individuals. We also interact with the civilian community, providing our services during special ceremonies and functions. The Honor Guard is highly visible facet of the military and should be accepted as an honor to be a member.
Area of Responsibility
MacDill AFB Honor Guard is responsible for a large geographic area throughout much of the West Coast of Florida. THe teams' area of responsibility includes the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, south to Naples and Miami, and north to Brooksville and Leesburg. The most frequently visited site is Florida National Cemetery, in Bushnell, FL.
Retirement ceremonies for Chief Master Sergeant and Officers, Colonel and above. When manning permits, requests for Air Force members below the above listed grades, will be performed.
Honor Guard members will be excused from duty during base exercises to support funeral details and their Honor Guard details, when unit mission requirements allow, so as not to impede upon the Honor Guard mission of supporting military honors.
Mortuary Affairs
1904 Golf Course Ave, Ste. 1
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-1604
(813) 828-6597/1004
Mon - Fri  •  8 am - 5 pm
On Call 24 hours
On-Call cell  •  310-4386

The base mortuary affairs officer is appointed by the installation commander in accordance with AFI34-242, Mortuary Affairs Program. The base mortuary affairs officer is the base Services commander, director, or deputy who administers and executes the program for the installation commander. All deaths involving active duty air force members will be reported to the mortuary officer by the local authorities, base hospital, base command post, security police, commanders, or whoever first learns of death. The mortuary officer is responsible for the administration and operation of all activities related to the mortuary affairs program. These include: briefing the PADD of mortuary entitlements, search and recovery of remains of personnel from accidents or disasters, benefits related to funeral home arrangements including burial or cremation, transportation of remains to the final resting place, disposition of personal property of active duty members, escorts, summary court officers (SCO) for active duty members, honors, and paperwork associated with these activities.

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