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Diner's Reef Dining Facility

Hillsborough Loop Drive, Bldg 263
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-1604
(813) 828-2412

Monday - Friday
0545-0830; 1030-1300, 1700-1900, 2200-2300

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
0730-1300, 1600-1800, 2200-2300
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August 2008
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Dining Specials:

Mongolian BBQ
Friday, 22 August
5 - 7 pm

You pick the ingredients, we cook it up!

Labor Day Meal
Mon, 1 Sep • 7:30 am - 1 pm
Featuring… Turkey, Loin Strip Steak, and BBQ Spareribs

Pizza Nite
Friday, 5 September
5 - 7 pm

7" pizzas while you wait! Includes: Meat Lovers • Hawaiian Veggie Lovers • Cheese • Pepperoni

Air Force Birthday Meal
Thu, 18 Sep • 10:30 am - 1 pm

Featuring… Strip Loin Steak, Herb & Lemon
Baked Fish, and Chicken Breast with Orange Glaze

Fall Feast
Mon, 22 Sep • 10:30 am - 1 pm

Hispanic American Heritage Meal
Wed, 24 Sep • 10:30 am - 1 pm

Mongolian BBQ
Fri, 26 Sep • 5-7 pm

You pick the ingredients, we cook it up!

Diner's Reef Dining Facility
• The Diner's Reef Dining Facility supports the 6th Air Mobility Wing and mission partners USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, 622 AES & JCSE, serving approximately 262,000 meals annually.
Our dining room seats 348, with 2 big screen TVs & 4 additional TVs.
• Our facility's menu entrees are from the Air Force World Wide Menu. The World Wide Menu is a 14 day menu cycle, which provides a variety of 80 different main entrees. Also included are the mandatory minimum daily menu standards, which must be followed to provide a well balanced diet. When selecting our menu, moral and customer requests are also considered.
• We currently offer a daily fruit bar for breakfast, a snack line special, an international meal every Wednesday and provide a rotational pastry menu.
• We have a 'Check It Out' program to ensure each meal has a healthy selection available, as well as vegetarian entrees.
• Our sandwich bar offers a variety of hot/cold subs and sandwiches,
upon request.
• For our members who are 'On the Go', we have 'Grab n Go' meals, which are a variety of pre-made sandwiches, chips and specialty salads.

Eligible Customers
• TDY Officers - All Meals, except lunch
  (Must present TDY orders at the cash register)
• Commanders - All Meals
• Foreign Military - All Meals
• Foreign Military Family Members - All Meals, except lunch Mon-Fri
• DoD Civilians - N/A
• Retirees - Thanksgiving, Christmas & Retiree Appreciation Day
• Enlisted Active Duty Family Members (E1-E4) - All Meals, except lunch

Flight Meals: (813) 828-4998

1. F136-2903, Section 1.1 stipulates the installation commander establish policy to prohibit offensive civilian and personal grooming, based on legal, moral, safety or sanitary grounds in the dining facilities.
2. The Dress Code prohibits:
• Clothing with lewd, obscene or profane words or drawings
• Articles of clothing which could create disorder or reflect support of an organization or individual who advocates the overthrow of the US Government.
• Wearing articles of clothing which are specifically designed as undergarments, on the outside of clothing
• Dress or grooming which might tend to cause a problem of sanitation due to lack of cleanliness. Personnel wearing sweaty or soiled PT clothing inside facility during meal service.
• Tank tops, bare feet, shower clogs, bathing suits, halter tops or hair curlers.
• Mixed military and civilian attire.
• Hats (military or civilian, male and female) will be removed upon entry into the dining facility. Security Forces members who are on active duty and carrying weapons are permitted to wear their berets until they are seated with their meals.

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